Versace Perfume

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Versace Perfume - Introduction

Gianni Versace, founder of Gianni Versace S.P.A (Italian Fashion) opened its first boutique in Milan in 1978. Over the years, Versace has built up a reputable business in hand sewn apparels, fragrances and fashion accessories. In recent times, they have also ventured into the hotel business with the set up of Palazzo Versace. Since the maiden of the Versace boutique, Versace has appealed loyal famous clients like Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley, Axl Rose, Jennifer Lopez and also the late Princess Diana. The endorsements of Versace from the renown clients can be noticed from the unrivaled advertisements of Versace, where close collaboration with the celebrities are noted. The featured celebrities were always used clothing and perfume from the renowned Versace boutique. Therefore whenever you mention designer perfume you know that Versace is top of the list. They have been making perfumes since 1981 three years after the Versace brand was launched. The perfumes have developed over the years and now Versace have produced 37 different perfumes in their collection, they are designed to be worn on the warm spots on the body. By placing just a drop on your wrists on behind your ears, you will immediately addict to the fragrance. Versace perfume is unique not only by its smell but also by the packaging, every perfume is specially matched to the bottle. You know that when you wear Versace you are wearing pure quality. All women want to look, feel and smell fantastic when they leave the house. By wearing designer perfume they will smell amazing, and people will know that they are wearing something special. Just as experts can tell designer clothing just by looking at it, they can recognize a designer perfume by the distinctive smell. Versace perfume is one of the best perfumes you can buy in the world; just a few drops of it will have you hooked for life.

Versace Perfume – Versace Fragrance

There are several lines of Gianni Versace perfume fragrances. Each fragrance is designed for a different type of women who prefers a distinct smell to saturate their body. From the young and trendy teenager to the middle-aged sophisticated business woman, there is a perfume for everyone. If you are browsing the market for fragrances, you will need to take a long hard look at the combination of scents in each perfume to find one that will be appreciated by your loved one. Every fragrance will make you feel special, and your mood will improve and your spirits will be lifted. Smell is a major factor to how we feel and Versace has realized this, their perfumes vary from floral sweet scents to stronger scents. Depending on your personality there is a perfume for you, and wearing a Versace perfume will make you feel more confident and sexy. Often the perfumes have very Mediterranean influences and the scents are invigorating and fresh. People often ask if designer perfumes are worth the money but if you have Versace versus a normal brand, there is simply no contest.

You can buy designer perfumes in many high street stores, and Versace perfume has become more affordable (take a look around this website). Many average people alongside top celebrities are wearing the distinctive perfume and love all it has to offer. You can also buying Versace perfume online, this is usually the cheaper option and you can find many bargains this way. There are no major outlay costs with online stores, so they can pass the savings onto you, which means you can find designer perfumes at reasonable prices. Although these stores are great, be careful when buying from them that the perfumes are genuine, and you are getting what you think you are.

Versace perfume is ideal for a gift for someone or a treat for you, there is a fragrance to suit everyone. Having a bottle of Versace on your shelf will look great and if you asked any woman Versace versus any other perfume, Versace would win every time. Wear your designer perfume with pride, and remember you are worth that extra cost. In the long run you will be saving money, as you have to apply less so therefore it lasts longer than a cheaper brand. You will look and smell great, and your confidence will grow every time someone's asks you what they amazing scent is you are wearing.

Versace Perfume – What To Choose ?

Men find women who wear perfume very sexy. It shows that you know yourself and can pick a scent that suits your personality. For this purpose, Versace has a line of products. Bright Crystal is one of the best perfumes so far by Versace. With the floral scents, you know that this is something to remember. Versace is a well known name in the fashion industry, and is known to deliver when it comes to their products. The Bright Crystal Perfume by Versace combines all the scents you love. With scents like accord, pomegranate, magnolia, peony, musk and plant amber, you get a fragrance that really stands out. Although the scent smells very subtle and soft, it's also sensual. It has such a complex scent that it can be hard to resist! You'll feel as beautiful as you look with this fragrance. It also gives a mysterious, ethereal vibe which every woman wants to achieve. Versace has combined high quality essential oils to and perfumes. This makes a fragrance that is highly concentrated. It doesn't rub off or evaporate easily like mostly alcohol based fragrances do. Alcohol based perfumes also tend to smell harsh, even for softer scents. On the other hand, Versace perfumes use a lot of perfume oils, which means it lasts longer. It also smells purer, so you don't have to use as much product. This is important to know the difference between cologne and perfume if you want to know the difference between high-quality perfume and cheap scents. Contrary to popular opinion, colognes can be used by women as well, and perfumes can be worn by men. The difference is that perfumes really last, because they are made with high quality oils. It also has many layers of scents, so that as each layer wears off, you don't smell bad. On the other hand, Colognes have a uniform scent. This means that the fragrance is less likely to stand the test of time. Versace's Bright Crystal Perfume also comes in many sizes. This way, if you're a first-time buyer, you can get the smaller bottle so that if it's not for you, you can sample other Versace perfumes. It also has other variants. You can get a travel sized Bright Crystal perfume bottle, which comes with a small spritzer so you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

Another notable composition is the Versus Donna by Versace in 1992. With its floral-oriental composition it is one perfume you are sure not to resist. With fruity raspberry, gourmand and plum notes and spicy nutmeg, fresh bergamot, violet, orange and green accords, the top scent are a sure treat. The heart is dominated by tuberose, sandalwood, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley. Based with iris, powdery vanilla, amber, musk cedar and benzoin, this is a sure floral-woody fragrance made for the romantic women which pairs well with the masculine Uomo fragrance for men. Versus of 2010 encompasses the different sides of a woman. From the nurturing delicateness to the rough and disciplined toughness, these are all to be celebrated by the Versus fragrance. Re-introducing itself from the 1992 fragrance, this new Versus relives and celebrates the strength that the women behind the Versace perfumes and Versace house had since 1995.

From 2009 Versace gave us Versense perfume. Energetic and fresh, it exudes the powerful sensual essence that is found in the woman. A call from nature, Versense can bring you from the seashores to a beautiful garden with its seductive yet sweet and passionate energy that is created by the fruits of the Mediterranean. Opening with Bergamot and green mandarin, and fig zest, it leads you to the heart where you will find sea lily, rare flower aromas, jasmine petals and cardamom. You will be fully smitten with sandalwood, cedar, sensual musk and olive wood.

Versace Perfume – Conclusion

Versace took the lead of other fashion designers in creating his own line of perfume. He was one of the believers that total getup could never be complete if the person would not feel overall confidence. Good smell is among the factors that make up and boost a person's confidence. Thus, when the brand established itself as a fashion necessity, the company moved in to create unique fragrances that would match the beauty and sophistication of the clothes it created. To date, Versace perfumes are among the most popular worldwide. Fashion icons and consumers all around the world are always checking out for any of the brands fragrances out in the market. In fashion clothing, Versace is truly a name of authority. When it comes to perfumes, it is the brand name people could always rely to. Take a look around my website and you will find free help and tips regaring Versace perfume. Also remember to come back to this website as I will update it with new Versace perfume (and others) tips and help so you will get the best perfume for your needs.

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